Amandine Nabarra is a French-born American artist. At the core of her work is a recurring quest: How can we find our common humanity? Her mix-media artist books offer an immersive experience. She shares her life challenges through visual stories that she weaves into innovative structures so she can connect at a visceral level with her audience. Her past artist books include Voyages (en train), Tempus Fugit, Forgotten, Lost and Found, and Bernoulli Equation to name a few. Her books are part of curricula in some of the most prestigious art and design universities. She is passionate about sharing her creative process to inspire artists and students so they can find their own voice. Amandine was awarded the Purchase Award for Bookopolis (2017), the Best of Show award for Wonderlust (2016), the Gallery Director’s Exhibition Award for the Photo Book Works exhibit in Colorado (2013). She was also the recipient of the Masquelibros prize in Madrid, Spain and Familiar Relics in Nashville, USA (2012). She has exhibited in numerous shows in the USA, Europe and Australia. Her work is in over 40 private and public collections like Le Centre Pompidou in France, The Getty Research Center in Los Angeles, and the Art Institute of Chicago, among others. She lives and works in Los Angeles.


2023: “It doesn’t hurt anymore”, PhotoBookWorks 2023, Spark Galley, Denver, CO

2022: “Voyages (en train)”, Boundless exhibition, Bainbridge Island Museum, WA
2022: “Forgotten Lost and Found”, “Tempus Fugit”, “Bernoulli Equation” and “Memories of Egypt”, Reimagined: The Artist’s Book, William D. Cannon Art Gallery, Carlsbad, CA
2022: “Tempus Fugit”, Showcase a virtual art gallery for photographers and artist books.
2022: “It Doesn’t Hurt Anymore”, PSBA 2022, Collins Memorial Library, Tacoma WA

2021: “Voyages (en train)”, “Tempus Fugit”, Seager/Gray Gallery, Mill Valley, CA
2021: ”
Tempus Fugit”, Content, Davis, CA
2021: “
Bernoulli Equation”, Water is …, Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, WA

2019: “Forgotten, Lost and Found”, Thomes, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA
2019: “Tempus Fugit”, Hands on, University of California Berkeley, CA

2018: Catching the Light: Bookworks from Southern California, San Francisco Center for the Book, CA

2017: “Tempus Fugit”, Photo Book Works 2017, Tallyn’s Reach Library, Aurora, CO
2017: “Tempus Fugit,” “Forgotten, Lost and Found”, BookOpolis – Dream a Book, Asheville BookWorks, NC

2016: “The Caretaker”, PhotoDocks 2016, Lyon, France
2016:”Tempus Fugit”, “Forgotten, Lost and Found”, International Art of the Book Show, Monroe County Library, Rochester, NY
2016: “Tempus Fugit”, Wonderlust, 23 Sandy Gallery, Portland, OR
2016: “Tempus Fugit”, Longitude, Latitude and Elevation, Valley Arts Gallery, Forest Grove, OR
2016: “Memories of Egypt”, Contemporary Book Arts, Saint Anselm College, Manchester, NH

2015: “Bernoulli Equation”, Unhinged: Book Art on the Cutting Edge, Whatcom Museum, WA
2015: “Memories of Egypt”, International Book Art 2015, Caiscais, Portugal

2014: “Forgotten, Lost and Found”, Outside the Margin, Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair, Silver Spring, MD
2014: “Voyages (en train)”, Editions of Grandeur, 23 Sandy Gallery, Portland, OR
2014: “Voyages (en train)”, End in Nation, Genoa, Italy
2014: “Voyages (en train”) and “Forgotten, Lost and Found”, San Diego Book Arts Fifth National Juried Exhibition, CA
2014: “Secret Love”, Heart of the Book / Book of the Heart, The Crouch Fine Art Library, Baylor University, TX
2014: “Secret Love”, Under the Wings of Artemis, University of Washington Libraries, Seattle, WA

2013: “Bernoulli Equation”, The Artist’s Books Inspired by Science Books Exhibit-Grosvenor Rare Book Room, Buffalo Public Library, NY
2013: “Voyages (en train)”, Poignant and Playful, Pop-Up and Movable books – 23 Sandy Gallery, Portland, OR
2013: “Forgotten, Lost and Found”, Kaleid Editions 2013, London, UK
2013: “Memories of Egypt”, “The Caretaker”, Rina Bouwen Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2013: “Memories of Egypt”, Winner of the Gallery Director’s Exhibition Award, Abecedarian Gallery, Denver, CO
2013: “Secret Love”, 23 Sandy Gallery, Portland, OR

2012: “The Caretaker”, On your Feet, VisionQuest Gallery – Genoa, Italy
2012: “Voyages (en train)”, Windows and Mirrors, PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, VT
2012: “Bernoulli Equation”, 2nd prize winner of Familiar Relics, Handmade and Bound, Watkins College of Art Library, Nashville, TN
2012: “Memories of Egypt”, San Diego Book Arts, UC San Diego, Geisel Library, CA
2012: “Memories of Egypt”, winner of Masquelibros prize, Masqulibros Fair, Madrid, Spain
2012: “The Caretaker”, Longing from Home, Susan Hensel Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota
2012: “The Caretaker”, Between the sheets: Artist’s books, Gallery East, North Fremantle, Australia

2010: “The Caretaker”, Nehmen sie Platz, Uovo di Struzzo, Contemporary Art Gallery, Pieve di Teco, Italy
2010: “Bernoulli Equation”, The Book as Art: Hand2Hand, Columbia City Gallery, Seattle, WA
2010: “Imaginary Biology: Fauna”, The Art of Collecting, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Genova, Italy
2010: “Secret Love”, Mirrors of the Soul, Music–Poetry–Art, El Portal Theater, Los Angeles, CA

2009: Artist’s Books, Beautiful books, 23 Sandy Gallery, Portland, OR
2009: “Secret Love”, Festival de Photographie Manifesto – Toulouse, France
2009: Artist’s Books, Beautiful Books, Abecedarian Gallery, Denver, CO

2008 : “Secret Love”, National Artist Book Exhibition, Juried by Gay Walker, 23 Sandy Gallery, Portland, OR
2008: “Secret Love”, Ink and Clay, Juror Mark Steven Greenfield, W. Keith and Janet Kellogg University Art Gallery, Pomona, CA

2007: “Secret Love”, Biannual Show, Juror Alma Ruiz, The Mike Napollielo Gallery, Hermosa Beach, CA
2007: “Secret Love”, Alternative Processes, Juror Elizabeth Spungen, Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO
2007: “Imaginary biology: Fauna”, Making Meaning, Juror Louis Stern, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA
2007: “Imaginary Biology: Fauna”, Electresthetic, Curator Chris Hoff, Cypress College Art Gallery, CA

2006: “Imaginary Biology: Fauna”, OsCene: Contemporary Art and Culture in Orange County – Curator Jacqueline Bunge, Laguna Beach Museum of Art, CA
2006: “Forgotten Lost and Found”, San Diego Book Arts, Juror Linda Corey Claasen, UC San Diego Library, CA
2006: “Imaginary Biology: Fauna”, All Media 2006, Juror Jerry Burchfield, Irvine Fine Art Gallery, CA


2015: “Voyages (en train)”, Bologna Art Fair, Italy
2015: Voyages (en train), Abecedarian Gallery, Denver, CO

2014: “Voyages (en train)”, MIA (International Photography Art Fair), Milan, Italy

2013: “Voyages (en train)”, VisionQuest Gallery, Genoa, Italy

2011: “The Caretaker”, Unseen Worlds, curated by Clelia Belgrado, VisionQuest Gallery, Genoa, Italy
2011: I Libri d’Artista di Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli, curated by Silvana Turzio, Fortografia Europea, Reggio Emilia, Italy
2011: “Secret Love”, Duchessa, Museo di Palazzo Rosso, Genoa, Italy

2009: “Secret Love”, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA
2009: “Secret Love”, Festival de Photographie Manifesto – Toulouse, France

2005: “Imaginary Biology: Fauna”, The Office Art Gallery, Huntington Beach, CA