Secret Love, Portfolio


Audio: Designer and Producer Darius Sarrafi. Text and Voice Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli

One of my best friends recently told me she had been loving a man, secretly, since she was in college. Shocked by the news, I went roaming the freezing winter streets of Paris at night, trying to make sense of her conflicting feelings. As I was walking and taking pictures I envisioned painterly images reminiscent of the Impressionist movement and like its painters I wanted to catch particular fleeting impressions of color and light representing my state of mind and my friend’s dilemma. I experimented with layering multiple photographs to emphasize sensations of solitude, secrecy, loneliness, and missed opportunities. Finally, I hand-coated Japanese paper with gypsum to create a tactile printing support for my images so that the mood of my pictures had a physical presence.

Limited Editions of 6, 2007
Digital pigment prints on gesso hand-coated Japanese paper 35 inche x 35 inches to 35 inches x 50 inches
Image consultant Mac Holbert

Imaginary Biology: Fauna

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