Amandine Nabarra is a French-born American artist. At the core of her work is a recurring quest: How can we find our common humanity? Her mix-media artist books and installations offer an immersive experience. She shares her life challenges through visual stories that she weaves into innovative structures so she can connect at a visceral level with her audience. Her past artist books include Voyages (en train), Tempus Fugit, Forgotten, Lost and Found, and Bernoulli Equation to name a few. Her books are part of curricula in some of the most prestigious art and design universities. She is passionate about sharing her creative process to inspire artists and students so they can find their own voice. Amandine was awarded the Purchase Award for Bookopolis (2017), the Best of Show award for Wonderlust (2016), the Gallery Director’s Exhibition Award for the Photo Book Works exhibit in Colorado (2013). She was also the recipient of the Masquelibros prize in Madrid, Spain and Familiar Relics in Nashville, USA (2012). She has exhibited in numerous shows in the USA, Europe and Australia. Her work is in over 40 private and public collections like Le Centre Pompidou in France, The Getty Research Center in Los Angeles, and the Art Institute of Chicago, among others. She lives and works in Los Angeles.